The table below describes the credit ratings from leading international agencies. Credit ratings of B+ and higher are considered "Secure", while the ratings lower than BBB, Baa or B++/B+ are considered "vulnerable" according to Standard & Poor's, A.M.Best and Fitch Ratings, and "weak" according to the Moody's Investor Service.

A.M. Best Standard & Poor's Fitch Moody's
A++ Superior AAA Extremely Strong AAA Secure/Highest Aaa Exceptional
A+ Superior AA+ Very Strong AA+ Secure/Very High Aa1 Excellent
A Excellent AA Very Strong AA Secure/Very High Aa2 Excellent
A- Excellent AA- Very Strong AA- Secure/Very High Aa3 Excellent
B++ Very Good A+ Strong A+ Secure/High A1 Good
B+ Good A Strong A Secure/High A2 Good
B Fair A- Strong A- Secure/High A3 Good
B- Fair BBB+ Good BBB+ Secure/Adequate Baa1 Adequate
C++ Marginal BBB Good BBB Secure/Adequate Baa2 Adequate
C+ Marginal BBB- Good BBB- Secure/Adequate Baa3 Adequate
C Weak BB+ Marginal BB+ Uncertain Ba1 Questionable
C- Weak BB Marginal BB Uncertain Ba2 Questionable
D Poor BB- Marginal BB- Uncertain Ba3 Questionable
E Under State Supervision B+ Weak B+ Possessing Risk B1 Poor
F In Liquidation B Weak B Possessing Risk B2 Poor
S Rating Suspended B- Weak B- Possessing Risk B3 Poor
  CCC+ Very Weak CCC Substantial Risk Caa Very Poor
  CCC Very Weak DD Liquidating Ca Extremely
  CCC- VeryWeak SR Suspended Rating Poor C Lowest
  CC Extremely Weak